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Please find below a list of frequently asked questions which we hope will answer any enquiries you have. This section will grow as the site progresses and if you feel there is a question not overed here please contact us

How do I contact your shop in Edinburgh?

Please phone our main switchboard in Edinburgh for most general queries. 0131 225 4898 If you would like to speak to Please direct all email enquiries to Fax: Edinburgh 0131 220 6994

Can I commisson an item?

The ultimate expression of individuality with jewellery or table silver is when you design a piece for yourself or someone else.  Hamilton & Inches sales team supported by an in-house designer have considerable experience in organising this for you.
Having a bespoke piece made need not be prohibitively expensive, it is just that those in the know want you to believe it is so that too many people do not join the band-wagon.
Commissioning bespoke table silverware is popular, fun and exciting.  At Hamilton & Inches we encourage you to visit our workshop and see the piece being made at any time in the process.

How should I care for my silver?

It is most important to use and enjoy your silver. With careful polishing and general maintenance the silver develops a soft patina and the odd blemish or ‘ding’ acquired along the way means your piece is gaining its own character.
In addition to regular cleaning with silver polish if an item has been used for salt or sauces the silver should thoroughly hand-washed in warm, soapy water then rinsed and dried. Similarly fingerprints should be cleaned off as soon as possible using an impregnated silver cloth.
A silver cloth will bring an item back to life but regular cleaning, every 3 to 6 months, is also advisable using ‘silver soap’ or silver dip from a reputable source such as Heggarty. Cleaning solutions can be purchased from either store.
Please remember that it is the patination on old silver contributes to its character and therefore value; removing it can often result in the value falling.

What sort of repair work do you carry out?

A complete range of repair work can be undertaken for jewellery including, sourcing lost stones, re-stringing, re-enamelling, re-sizing.  These services are available for modern as well as older items.
Since Hamilton & Inches operates one of the UK’s finest silver workshops, we are able to offer a full repair and restoration service.  Please telephone to discuss specific issues, though you are best advised to bring the item into one of the stores and to discuss your repair with a member of the sales team.

Do you offer a jewellery re-setting service?

Jewellery is a wonderfully individual accessory, which means that occasionally one inherits or is given something that does not suit.  The answer is to have the piece altered or broken up and the constituent parts turned into something completely different.  Hamilton & Inches have two resident jewellers and a designer who are well regarded and experienced in this kind of activity - they also make new jewellery for both stores.
If you would like to explore having some of your jewellery re-designed or re-set please come and discuss this with one of the sales team who will happily guide you through the process, or call 0131 225 4898.

What engraving services do you offer?

Hamilton & Inches has a resident hand engraver and can undertake all types of work.  Engraving is an art form and therefore takes time, please allow at least 2 weeks for smaller jobs: for faster or volume work machine engraving can be organised.  We also provide a seal engraving service for both stone set and metal only items.

I need to have my watch repaired/serviced, what can I expect?

Fine mechanical watches have at their heart a complex, intricate movement that is invariably crafted from a variety of precious materials.  It is a precision-engineered mechanical device that requires regular and precise servicing.
Hamilton & Inches are agents for ten of the most prestigious watch brands in the world - Patek Philippe, A Lange & Sohne, Cartier, IWC, Rolex, Breguet, Omega, Chanel, Bremont - and as such we are able to organise the servicing of their watches.  In the majority of cases your watch is sent back to the manufacturer, as this ensures that each brand is being serviced to the highest standard possible, but customers should appreciate that, unlike cars, the servicing of luxury watches is time consuming; the watch may be fully disassembled, then re-assembled and tested as part of the service and on average this takes 8 to 10 weeks.
The servicing of other watch brands can also be organised where required.

What repair and cleaning services do you offer for jewellery?

We encourage clients to have their jewellery cleaned and serviced on a regular basis.  Our sales team will be happy to inspect your jewellery at no charge and advise whether any work is necessary.  It is particularly important to check the claws holding stones, any hinges and clasps are secure.  The majority of repair work is carried out by the jewellers and silversmiths based at the Edinburgh store, with occasional work being out-sourced where a specialist skill is required.
If you are passing, drop in to have your rings given a quick and complimentary steam clean – you will be surprised how this brings stones back to life.

What are the procedures and charges for valuations?

Insurance companies are dependant on an up to date valuation for the basis of their settlement at the time of loss and so it is important to have your jewellery, watches and silver regularly valued by a professional.  Hamilton & Inches have a NAG registered valuator on site at the Edinburgh store and is able to offer a full service, in both London and Edinburgh, as a result.
1. Items for valuation need to be handed in personally and left, on average, for a period of two to three weeks.
2. A basic fee of £50 for all valuations containing jewellery or silver is now in effect. On top of this basic charge, 2% of the total value is charged for items up 10,000 in value and 1% is charged on any value exceeding 10,000: Re-valuation, ie a valuation of an item that has previously been valued at Hamilton & Inches, is charged at 1%.  Items being valued for probate or tax purposes are charged on a different scale.
3. All watches are currently charged at a basic fee of £30 per watch with no percentage based fee.
4. As with repairs, items are left generally under a client’s insurance policy.

Do you deliver overseas?

Yes. Delivery to overseas addresses will be by the most cost-effective secure method available. Overseas deliveries to EU countries and the USA should arrive within 3 working days. Deliveries to the rest of the world should arrive within 7 working days.
Delivery to overseas addresses is charged at £15 for all orders.
Any duty and taxes incurred in the country of destination are the responsibility of the customer.

How much are delivery charges with in the UK?

Delivery is charged at £10 for orders of less than £200.