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Georg Jensen Lamellae Ring I Size 55 in Sterling Silver


The Georg Jensen Lamellae ring I in sterling silver, designed by Zaha Hadid. The size of the ring is 55. The collection, crafted in sterling silver is carefully engineered to feel voluptuously tactile and sinuous.

Beautifully organic and powerful, each piece in the Lamellae Collection take inspiration from Zaha Hadid´s architecture, referencing the undulating silhouettes seen in many of her structures. As with the natural, fluid outlines of these buildings, her jewellery designs echo nature’s distinct sculptural forms.

Zaha Hadid had achieved international prominence as one of the world’s foremost architects and designers when she died unexpectedly in March 2016. A thoroughly contemporary thinker and designer, her creative vision was defined by vital, flowing forms and an unmistakably bold presence.
Product Code: B-37-01-0049

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