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Hamilton & Inches Engraved Dragon Bowl


This piece is a true labour of love, the mesmerising product of over 200 hours of hand engraving by Ruaridh Malcolmson - Hamilton & Inches Master Engraver.

Inspired by the poem Beowulf, the inscription around the rim of this large Sterling Silver down is Old English, engraved in an appropriate form of lettering, interspersed with various wyrms, drakes and dragons. It reads, "Until one began to dominate the dark night... a dragon on the prowl."

The central image is of a dragon awakening within its labyrinthine lair. It was inspired by Northern European tales such as the Volsunga Saga - the story of the Volsongs which features the Dragon Fafnir and the Anglo-Saxon epic Beowulf, in which the eponymous hero contends with a fierce fire drake.
Product Code: E-03-20-0106

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Silver Finish:

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