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Hallmarking is an age-old form of consumer protection, overseen in the UK by four Assay Offices. Hamilton & Inches has had a relationship with the Edinburgh Assay Office for 150 years. Our own maker's mark was registered in June 1866.

Since the mid-1500s it has been the responsibility of the Assay Office to test precious metals for purity, and to punch or laser specific marks denoting the amount of precious-to-base metal in the various alloys, the place at which the item was tested, when it was made and by whom.

On our sterling silver you will often find '925' and Scotland’s Lion Rampant (or '958' and a depiction of Britannia for Britannia silver), Edinburgh Castle, a date letter and our famous H&I maker's mark. Our gold, platinum and palladium pieces have some of these marks and others of their own.

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