Hamilton & Inches has a long and prestigious watchmaking history. Our earliest records indicate that we have been listed as a clockmaker for over 150 years, since 1867, with the earliest timepiece in our current collection dating back to 1874. First granted a royal warrant more than 120 years ago, Hamilton & Inches was appointed “His Majesty’s Clockmaker and Keep and Dresser of His Majesty’s Clocks, Watches and Pendulums in Palaces and Houses in his Ancient Kingdom of Scotland”. We have held royal appointment since and our standard today reads – “Silversmiths and Clock Specialists to Her Majesty The Queen”.

Hamilton & Inches Pocketwatch
18ct Hamilton & Inches pocket watch, 1896

From the late 19th century into the 20th, jewellers and watchmakers would traditionally assemble timepieces themselves, putting their own name on each one. A time before the rise of Swiss watchmaking, before the Speaking Clock and before smartphones, a watch was a functional tool. Their design was simple with a single purpose – to be reliable.

Devoted to keeping our heritage alive and ticking, we wanted to pay tribute to classical watchmaking methods and ideas. The Hamilton & Inches Edinburgh Eighty-Seven is a classic dress watch inspired by tradition.

As we celebrated our 150th anniversary in 2016, our Watch Technician Ian Malone traced many fascinating and outstanding pocket and occasional strap watches from our archives, inspiring us to retrace our great tradition as watchmakers and create a new timepiece in this classic mould..

Every individual component in the watch is hand-picked to strictly control its quality. Prioritising reliability and ease of service, the Eighty-Seven can be fully serviced and guaranteed by Hamilton & Inches.

Hamilton & Inches Eighty-Seven Watch
The Edinburgh Eighty-Seven Watch

The watch takes different elements from Hamilton & Inches past timepieces, spanning over 150 years. The diamond shapes at each quarter of its face was copied from a pocket-watch, which was the basis of the Edinburgh Eighty-Seven’s simple, classic and timeless form. A time-honoured design that will never go out of fashion, the straps can be changed to almost any colour or material so it can be truly personalised to its wearer.

It is with great tradition, great pride and great affection for watchmaking that we introduced our Edinburgh Eighty-Seven. If you wish to enquire about Hamilton & Inches timepieces, please contact us at hello@hamiltonandinches.com, or +44 (0)131 225 4898.