Hamilton & Inches has been a proud Urban Jürgensen retailer since 2018. As the only retailer in Scotland and one of only seventeen worldwide, Hamilton & Inches is home to one of the world’s most exclusive watch brands.

Watchmakers since 1745, Urban Jürgensen has always been defined by its dedication to only producing exceptional timepieces. As technology has advanced, other watch brands have invested in mass production machinery. Urban Jürgensen has remained stoically true to traditional craft methods, believing passionately that no automated process can possibly match unique craftsmanship.

“We have chosen heritage and tradition because we believe there is no automation shortcut to excellence. This attitude gives every Urban Jürgensen wristwatch a unique aura – invisible to many but appreciated by true watch connoisseurs everywhere. For those who seek the very finest things in life.” Urban Jürgensen

Every single individual part of an Urban Jürgensen timepiece has been designed with consideration, passion and dedication.

Teardrop Lugs

Individually forged, heat-treated, hand polished and singly soldered on to the watch case so precisely that the soldering line is invisible to the naked eye, Urban Jürgensen’s teardrop lugs are an iconic hallmark of distinction. Making this characteristic feature is an extremely delicate process that takes several days and has only been mastered by the most experienced of craftsmen.

Moon Disc

Each Urban Jürgensen moon disc is made by hand, requiring more than twenty processes from start to finish. The recesses for the stars are etched into steel, where pure gold is melted to create solid gold stars.


To achieve perfect shape and fit, Urban Jürgensen hands are handmade and hand finished. The eye of the hour hand is a concentrically diamond-polished solid gold insert, held in place by the sheer precision of the fit.


Every Urban Jürgensen dial is meticulously made using a variety of methods depending on the model’s design.

Platinum Dial

Created in one piece solid silver, the Reference 1140 platinum dial is hand-crafted while using advanced techniques of high-grade modern dial-making. The small seconds’ zone is hand-guilloched (a decorative technique in which a very precise, intricate and repetitive pattern is engraved).

Enamel Dial

Urban Jürgensen has used enamelled dials for more than 240 years, and employed only the best enamel artisans to create them. Today is no exception. Manually fired and painted, each dial always bears the clear signature of the artist who created it. Never identical, each enamel dial is completely unique.

Grenage Dial

A distinctively handmade process, each grenage dial begins with a plate of solid silver with ultra-fine engravings of markings and numbers. Layers are built upon it one-by-one by hand using a variety of processes to create a beautiful pearled finish with unique depth and granularity. It requires a delicate balance of skill, patience and concentration that is truly rare in the modern watch world. The process is so precise that even the smallest change in temperature can affect the colour of the dial, so a watch crafted in summer will be slightly different to its winter counterpart.

Guilloche Dial

The Urban Jürgensen hand guilloche dial is the result of up to 700 operations and two full days of manual skilled work using traditional machinery. The true art of guilloche is selecting, scaling and balancing the complexity of the pattern to create a highly complex and beautiful design.


Inspired by the hand-painted enamel and gran feu dials of Urban Jürgensen historic pocket watches, the Arabic numeral appliques are crafted in solid gold. Incredibly intricate and delicate, very few craftsmen have mastered the art of producing this fine level of detail. No two sets on two dials are identical.

If you wish to enquire about Urban Jürgensen timepieces, please contact us at hello@hamiltonandinches.com, or +44 (0)131 225 4898.