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Patek Philippe Calatrava Cross Cufflinks 9107R-001


The Patek Philippe Calatrava Cross Cufflinks 9107R-001 feature a perfectly engraved onyx centre nestled in polished, 18ct rose gold. The iconic symbol sits beautifully in a circle of gleaming gold. Paired perfectly with a Patek Philippe watch, it is an ideal gift.
Product Code: B-20-05-0002

Product Details

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About Patek Philippe

Since the company was founded in 1839, Patek Philippe has stood out with its consummate skills in mastering horological complications, those additional functions that go beyond the display of hours, minutes, and seconds. In 1989, the manufacturer presented the Calibre 89, which to this very day, with 33 complications, is still the most phenomenal portable watch in the world. In 2014, to commemorate its 175th anniversary, Patek Philippe introduced the Grandmaster Chime, a double-face wristwatch with a Grande Sonnerie and no fewer than 20 complications, among them two patented world debuts.

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