Rolex Yacht-Master II watch dial


Created in 2007, the Rolex Yacht-Master II is a unique regatta chronograph dedicated to both yachting enthusiasts and experienced sailors. It features a programmable countdown with a mechanical memory that can be synchronized on-the-fly - an exclusive function developed by Rolex.


The highly sophisticated mechanical countdown can be programmed from 1 to 10 minutes, allowing skippers to precisely time a regatta’s starting sequence, and correctly position their yachts before the race begins. Designed to be easily set and operated, the programmable countdown features a mechanical memory which can return the hand to the same setting upon reset.


The preliminary programming of up to 10 minutes is accessed, and then locked, via the rotatable Ring Command bezel. This innovative interaction between the movement and the bezel elevates the Rolex Yacht-Master II, making it a new-generation watch and redefining the functions of the rotatable bezel. Such technical prowess is made possible by Rolex’s in-house mastery of watch design and manufacture in its entirety, from the case to the movement.


Like all Rolex watches, each Rolex Yacht-Master II is fitted with a COSC-certified chronometer – a successfully and thoroughly tested self-winding mechanical movement – and is certified to perform at a superlative level as a fully assembled watch. The superlative certification assessment conditions exclusive to Rolex exceed those of watchmaking norms and simulate real-life watch wearing, giving a more representative experience to guarantee performance on the wrist.

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