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Scottish Gold

Scottish Gold

Hamilton & Inches are honoured and delighted to have the first batch of Scottish Gold from The Cononish Gold Mine located in Tyndrum.
Just as we like to take inspiration from nature for our designs, nature gives us a unique material like Scottish Gold, to make jewellery pieces that you will treasure always.


Unique to Scotland. Scottish Gold is mined near the peaceful village of Tyndrum, in the West of Scotland. Right in the heart of the Scottish wilderness.

Scottish Gold


Our passionate designers and talented jewellers would be delighted to make a bespoke piece using Scottish Gold. Every piece comes with a Scottish Gold certificate.

Working together we can create an individual piece that has its own adventure to tell. After all nature's greatest craftsmanship is crafted from passion.

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Handcrafted with Passion

Taking a simple cuttlefish bone, our Master Craftsman Chay shows us how he uses this as a mould to create a wonderful Signet Ring made in Scottish Gold. The cuttlefish - nature's gift to a craftsman.


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