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Stirling Castle Necklace

Stirling Castle Necklace

The Scottish Gold Collection Premiere Pieces

Stirling Castle Necklace

This graceful, classical necklace features 34 pear-cut tourmalines interspersed with sparkling 58-facet brilliant-cut diamonds, reminiscent of early Victorian designs by Hamilton & Inches, which opened in 1866.

It is infused with subtle tiers of symbolism. Rainbow hues evoke the sunlit waterfall spray above Cononish Gold Mine and reflect Victorian acrostic jewellery, when gemstones were arranged to spell a romantic word. Stirling Castle's ancient walls once encircled the young Mary Queen of Scots, as her childhood home, where lavish interiors reflected high European fashion of the 1500s.

Versatility adds to its virtues; the drop pendant is detachable.


Mary Queen of Scots was a significant influence on the design of the Scottish Gold Collection. Famous for tragedy in her life and death and renowned for her Renaissance style, Mary remains an emblem of Scotland. Over her lifetime, she acquired a magnificent jewellery collection, much of it reflecting her French and Catholic upbringing.


The Scottish Gold Collection is a fresh, modern interpretation of historic style ensuring a timeless feel. It signifies that the gold precedes us all, is a contemporary treasure and will be enjoyed as heirlooms in the future.

Gold, like true love, endures and transcends time.


22ct Scottish Gold is exceptionally beautiful. Exuding warmth and lustre, evoking a golden Scottish sunset.. the amber glow of whisky... the radiant beauty of wild landscapes.

This is a precious thread of heritage... a moment in history you can treasure.

The Scottish Gold Collection: Stirling Castle Necklace

The Stirling Castle Necklace is one of six pieces to form the crown of the Scottish Gold Collection. These are of the rarest provenance in the world. With superlative craftsmanship, some pieces have been designed with versatility - unique for fine jewellery.

Treasure from the Heart of Scotland

Hamilton & Inches Scottish Gold is all mined from the same location on the edge of Rannoch Moor in Scotland. It is refined without coming into contact with any other gold, so we can certify its exact origin.

Crafted from Passion - Viola

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