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Our Craftsmen

Our Craftsmen

For 150 years Hamilton & Inches' talented craftsmen have passed their knowledge and skills from one generation to the next. We are fortunate to have a number of specialists in a variety of fields, who continue to keep the crafts alive through The H&I Academy.

Jon Hunt

Technical Manager

Jon Hunt oversees our commissions and has been with Hamilton & Inches for 28 years. He meets with customers, purchases raw materials and consults the workshops team. An award-winning silversmith, Jon created the beautiful Scottish Open trophy and was once responsible for repairing the Calcutta Cup, famously damaged after the 1988 Scotland v England match.

Colin Golder

Master Polisher

Colin Golder is Hamilton & Inches’ award-winning polisher. He has worked at Hamilton & Inches for 24 years and completed his training here. Colin has great input into the design and production of our silver, guiding how pieces will be assembled to ensure that they can be polished effectively. He has worked on many complex and intricate pieces, such as the Lanark Bell Trophy.

Panos Kirkos

Master Silversmith

Panos Kirkos joined Hamilton & Inches 27 years ago. He trained in his native Greece before moving to Edinburgh with his wife. Panos is an award-winning silversmith and chasing expert - the art of moving silver to produce three-dimensional designs. His Hamilton & Inches creations include a crown for Lord Lyon and the University of St Andrews’ 600th anniversary mace.

Ruaridh Malcomson

Master Engraver

Ruaridh Malcomson started his career as an apprentice engraver in London’s Hatton Garden and is now Hamilton & Inches’ master engraver. An experienced artist, Ruaridh works with traditional rudimentary tools and materials – including French chalk, oil of wintergreen and specially shaped gravers. He has a passion for intricate designs, particularly HM the Queen’s Scottish coat of arms.

Chay McClory

Master Jeweller

Chay McClory joined Hamilton & Inches from London’s Hatton Garden. A jeweller for more than 20 years, Chay hand-crafts bespoke engagement rings, jewellery commissions, and carries out intricate jewellery repairs. Commended as a jewellery specialist, he has won the National Association of Goldsmiths Art and Craftsmanship Award on two occasions.

David Ramsay


David Ramsay began his Hamilton & Inches career polishing trophies for the 2007 Royal Highland Show. He soon developed an interest in silver and became the workshops’ first modern-day apprentice. David has created a number of sporting trophies at Hamilton & Inches, including replica Scottish Open Championship Quiachs which are awarded to the competition’s winners.

Paul Kirkos

Apprentice Silversmith

Paul Kirkos is the son of our master chaser and expert silversmith Panos. He is an apprentice of the H&I Academy, and supported by both the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust and the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation. Paul is perfecting the craft of chasing with his Father in the workshop, and attending art classes to refine his drawing skills.

Anita Fodor

Jeweller and Goldsmith

Anita studied goldsmithing and jewellery making in her native Hungary before moving to Scotland in 2013. A very talented jeweller with an exceptional eye for detail, Anita was thrilled to win the GIA Scholarship in 2015, and she is set to achieve her Diamond Diploma in 2017. Anita's skills were instrumental in the design and creation of Hamilton & Inches' Lily II Collection.

George Douglas

Apprentice Silversmith

George Douglas undertook work experience at Hamilton & Inches during the 2014 festive period. He went on to complete his school studies (with a focus on his passions of art, craft and design), before returning to Hamilton & Inches the following summer. George is now progressing his career as an apprentice silversmith at the H&I Academy.



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