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Our Workshops

Our Workshops

Almost the last of their kind in the UK, our workshops occupy the three floors above our Edinburgh showroom. It is here that Hamilton & Inches’ master craftspeople create contemporary pieces using traditional techniques and restore existing treasures, hand-crafting jewellery and bespoke silver designs from initial sketches through to the final polishing.

Meet The Craftsmen

Colin Golder >

Master Polisher

Panos Kirkos >

Master Silversmith

Ruaridh Malcomson >

Master Engraver

Chay McClory >

Master Jeweller

David Ramsay >


Paul Kirkos >

Apprentice Silversmith

Anita Fodor >

Jeweller and Goldsmith

George Douglas >

Apprentice Silversmith


Silversmithing is the manipulation of metal for the creation of beautiful silverware. The age-old craft involves a variety of complex and intricate skills (piercing, chasing, hammering and setting), which have been handed down through the generations to our talented silversmiths.


Polishing is one of the most challenging jobs in our Edinburgh workshops and is relied upon to bring our pieces to life. Our polisher uses a variety of coarse brushes and delicate mops, rotated at exceptionally high speeds, to give our silver its beautiful mirror finish.


Engraving is an ancient from of embellishing precious items. The art of hand-engraving gives you the opportunity to personalise a piece with text or images – bringing an extra level of depth, meaning and character to an already exceptional piece of jewellery or silver.



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