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Andy Scott Miniature Rook in Sterling Silver


As a testament to their shared appreciation of authentic cratsmanship, Hamilton & Inches is delighted to be collaborating with world-renowned 'Kelpies' sculptor Andy Scott in celebration of its 150th anniversary.

Hand-crafted by Hamilton & Inches, the miniature Rook in sterling silver is inspired by Andy Scott's drawing of the Rook from The Game of Kings chess set.

The Game of Kings chess set, an unprecedented artisitic vision, will combine the spirit of the horse with the game of chess. For every chess piece Andy Scott will meticulously create an intricate hand-sculpted artwork, each standing approximately 12 inches (30cm) high.

Once complete, each piece will be rendered and carefully worked in sterling silver by Hamilton & Inches' craftsmen. The set, when completed, will be presented on a two metres squared bespoke gaming table, designed and hand-crafted by acclaimed Scottish cabinetmakers, Method Studio.

The miniature Rook is a collectable piece, and a scale replica of Andy Scott's 14ft galvanised steel Rook sculpture, which was unveiled outside Hamilton & Inches in July 2016 and stood proudly overlooking the city for the duration of the summer.

L 5.5cm, W 2cm, H 5cm
Product Code: E-06-99-0777

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